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How to Get Children to Behave All the Time

Strong Relationships The most important thing that any teacher can do to make a difference in their classroom is to get to know their students. From...

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7 Classic Stories to Read as Poems

Smart Frog Education has introduced some fantastic resources recently; seven classic poetry stories rewritten with adorable colorful drawings. My...

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How to Engage Children Using Your Interactive Whiteboard

Technology helps us move away from a traditional industrial model of education and breeding towards future-focused learners who are creative,...

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Parents Think You’re the Best Teacher in the World

What you need to keep in mind is that parents are a significant part of your classroom. Most parents want to know that their children are being...

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Teaching Techniques that Gets Results (most of the time)

Repeat, what did you say? Repeat, repeat, and repeat. Since I get into ideas pretty quickly, I tend to "forget" that others need more processing...

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Five Effective Ways to STEM Your Classroom

STEM - Science Technology Engineering Math - is a way to incorporate all four disciplines into one activity. What a challenge for educators as we...