Frequently Asked Questions

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I would like to send you a purchase order

Online - You can purchase a school/establishment license online by simply entering the email addresses associated with your “school license.” Once entered, we’ll assign each user with their specific login details, which must be kept safe.

Send us your feedback

We’re always looking to improve the way we work. If you have any suggestions, or have had a good experience using any or our resources, please get in touch.

How long will my subscription last?

All subscriptions last for 12 months from the day your complete payment.

Will my subscription be renewed automatically?

Yes. All subscriptions will be “automatically” renewed using your existing credit/debit card details.  Should you not wish to renew, please select to turn off “auto-renew” seen in “My Account.” An automated email will be sent to you 4 weeks prior to your renewal date. If you experience any problems, please get in touch with us.

Can I update my credit card information?

Yes. Simply go to “My Account” to enter your new credit card information.

Can I trial your resources before purchasing?

Yes, absolutely. We have a free selection of resources on our website for you to use. We hope you love them enough to subscribe.

What is your refund policy?

We provide all members with the opportunity to obtain a full refund within 14 days. However, if you have downloaded or used any resource during this grace period, a full refund request will not be processed.

I need a receipt for my purchase

All receipts and records of your payment/s can be obtained directly in “My Account” where you can download and print a copy of your receipt.

I did not receive an email to reset my password?

Sorry about that. Before getting in touch with us, please ensure you’ve checked your SPAM folder. Unfortunately, password reset emails sometimes (although not very often) get sent here.

I cannot register using my email?

We only assign “one” email address to one account. You cannot set up two accounts using the same email address.

Can I change the email address associated with my subscription?

Yes. Simply log in and go to “My Account.” Here you’ll find the option to change your email address.

I would like to update my credit card information?

This is easily done by visiting “My Account” where you can enter your new details.

Does Smart Frog store my credit card information?

No. We use PayPal who securely store and process all of our online payments.

What is Go Interactive?

All our Go Interactive products are exactly that, ready to use anywhere and “touch screen” interactive. They are specifically designed for whiteboards, computers, and tablets. You can also use Go Interactive on your smart phone, although we recommended a device with a larger screen for a better experience.

I want to print multiple copies of a workbook

To lower your printing costs, we recommend using a photocopying machine that is more cost effective for multiple copies. You should also select double-sided print.

I want to print in black and white only

You should be able to set your printer to print black and white by selecting to print, choosing the colour mode option, with a further option to select grayscale.

We have a school licence. Can we upload onto our school network?

Due to copyright, we do not permit uploading any of our resources onto the internet or sharing platform. Each individual user is assigned specific login credentials to access the material for their very own personal teaching.

Can I share Smart Frog resources?

Only free resources obtained from us can be shared.

Can I print multiple copies of workbooks/worksheets?

Yes. You can make as many copies as you wish, for your own personal teaching.

I’m not sure if the resource is suitable

All our resources are categorised into “age,” “grade,” or “year” group categories. As the teacher or educator, it’s up to you to decide which material is appropriate.

Does Smart Frog create resources around a specific curriculum?

No. All resources are designed to meet educational not curriculum specific needs.

I home-school my child. Can you offer any advice?

Absolutely! If you have a question regarding which resources to use, feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll ensure we do our very best to help.

Should I choose American English or British English?

This would depend on your very own preferences, but to cater for all who speak English, we provide resources in both American English and British English. This choice is optional when you choose to download a product.

Having a problem printing workbooks/worksheets?

Please ensure you are logged in to complete your download. Once you are logged in, ensure your web browser is updated. We recommend using Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

To ensure you can view all of our PDF resources, download Adobe Acrobat Reader here:

Once Adobe Acrobat Reader has been correctly installed, open your downloadable resource and select “print” option from Adobe Reader.

Go Interactive products are not working properly?

To ensure you get the best experience from our "Go Interactive" material, we recommend using a Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer browser (please ensure your browser is updated.

All "Go Interactive" material is fully functional on a whiteboard, computer, tablet or smart phone devices.

Cannot access our Go Interactive resources?

All “Go Interactive” resources require you to subscribe to Smart Frog Education, either as an individual or as an establishment. “Go Interactive” resource cannot be downloaded.