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The Teacher Perks (You Can Ask Your Principal)

However, there are perks that comes with this particular job. Not only does the public not know about many of these perks, but neither do many...

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Why Teacher “Mental Health” Days Are More Important Than Training Days

As you know, not just anyone can be a teacher. It Takes A Certain mindset and devotion to help children that transforms someone into a top-flight...

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Why Teachers Need to Know About Dyspraxia and Apraxia of Speech at School

Of course, you can only notice things that you are aware of. This is why it's crucial for teachers to learn more about what might be affecting...

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5 Google Chrome Extensions Both Students and Teachers Will Use (For All Subjects)

One of the best browsers for this is Google Chrome. Not only does the browser help you quickly use the world's best search engine, but the...

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Why Sex Education is So Important in Schools (don't be shy)

You may be on the fence about this yourself. However, the blunt truth is that sex education is highly essential for all of your students. Want to...

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Classroom Management Techniques (Your School Will Swear By)

Are you interested in changing up your technique? Keep reading to discover the very best strategies that you can start using today! Spread the...

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How Headteachers Maximise Teaching and Learning at School 

At first, it may seem impossible to do it all. However, veteran headteachers all learn a simple lesson: this is more of an art than a science. If...