Finally, our December launch is here! Smart Frog Education

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If you’ve been following us on Facebook recently, you’re probably wanting to jump right in to see the variety of resources we’ve been busy developing.

We set our goal to provide teachers and parents opportunities with a variety of learning based activities and dynamic illustrations to make learning fun, whether it be understanding language, science, mathematics, and much more. Each resource we create is an opportunity for you to deliver your lesson, the way you want it.

All of our material are digitally produced so it can be used in a variety of ways to help you achieve your learning objectives. 

It’s a piece of cake to download and start using. You can start exploring with a traditional computer, laptop or touchscreen whiteboard. We plan to role out our app early 2018 so you can use them on your tablet, or even a smartphone. 

We’ve got the perfect supplement to in-class lessons for teachers who want to see their students succeed. 

Smart Frog is designed for a variety of ages. The first tier is designed for younger children; those between the ages of four and seven. The second tier is designed for learners between the ages of seven and eleven. This generally maps out to material that is suitable for children in certain year groups or grades, and having Smart Frog to supplement their scholastic education, it’s a great way to encourage better grades and greater engagement.

Ultimately, there are many benefits to using what we have to offer, we just hope you like it.

It's very affordable:

1. You can choose from a competitively priced model where you pay for a set number of products to download in a kind of "a la cart" model.

2. There is also a subscriber model where you can select a calculated low monthly fee and start downloading resources instantly, and access our go interactive product range.

3. Finally, there is a group rate designed to allow schools unlimited downloads for unlimited users. 

The choice is entirely down to you.

Don’t forget we’ll be adding free learning materials to our site every month, so register today for free and start downloading your Smart Frog freebies. 


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